Digitalize the existing flagship stores.

Vodafone's flagship stores in great central locations like Hamburg's Jungfernstieg (just next to an Apple store) try to give the brand and its products more space and to offer a better user experience — in theory.
In practice the stores do not differentiate from any other phone store — yet! Using the built-in infrastructure like 2-stories-high screens, mounted displays and such we came up with ideas how to bring the 'Gigabit company' (Vodafone's brand claim) to life with gimmicks, gadgets and installations as well as events for the digital lifestyle. In the end the (flagship) store will be more prominent in the customer journey and the tools will be rolled out into every Vodafone shop.

Here I could combine several of my skills. A strategic analysis of the status quo, trend research on retail and mobile lifestyle as well as ideation how to enhance the consumer experience.

Example slides of the analysis of the customer journey



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