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Founders of startups have many qualities: They are convinced of an idea, have a vision and see what others do not see. They do instead of talking. They implement their idea, while others still write powerpoints.
But sometimes you face a problem where you cannot go on alone. How to develop an app? How do you decide which feature to focus on product development? How do you build a brand? How do you test different ideas without burning the whole budget? In such situations you need someone who has already done something like this before. He or she knows what works and what is not. But such people are rare. And then they are usually expensive.

We want to solve this problem. We want to help founders to develop their product without rushing in expenses. We want to offer you support from some of the best product designers, strategists, marketers and developers.
That's why we launched the Silicon Pauli Patrons Program.
The Silicon Pauli Patrons Program (SPPP) turns experienced creatives into voluntary patrons to help a startup. They do not take any money in return. The program lasts six months and starts with a 2-day co-creative workshop in Hamburg.

The first edition of SPPP took place in 2016, followed by another round in 2017 (I did not take part that year). Currently we prepare the next flight for 2018. Be prepared!

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Made with coffee, cake and Pony in 2018.
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