How to shift the public image of a metropolis.

How to shift the public image
of a metropolis.

How to shift the public image
of a metropolis.

Home to more than five million people, covering an area of 4,400 square kilometres and one of the largest metropolises in Europe – that is the ‘City of Cities’.
The Metropolis Ruhr is repositioning its location marketing with its ‘City of Cities’ campaign and self-confidently communicating the strength of its location-related factors. They like living, working and studying there.
The ‘City of Cities’ wants to attract new people from outside: investors, visitors, businesspeople, skilled workers and students. The campaign is also designed to appeal to those who already live here, giving them another reason to be proud of their Ruhr region. A distinct corporate identity has been developed for the ‘City of Cities’ as part of the location marketing campaign.

My part was the strategy and concept for the campaign website – not just any other ordinary campaign microsite but a content hub, that is as diversified and as straightforward as the region itself. Of course full responsive and with some interactive gimmicks.
Also the product ownership was in my hands during the technical development, quality assurance and initial content management.

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thjnk (Corporate Identity, Content, Website)
TAS Emotional Marketing (Content, PR)

Regionalverband Ruhr RVR

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